Workshop: Practical skills

On December 6, 2018, a workshop on Practical skills for secondary and elementary school students was held at the premises of Ekosol. The purpose of the workshop, as the name implies, was to introduce young people to some of the basic tools encountered in various fields of production. The reason for this workshop is growing dissatisfaction, as well as the shortage of labor force that is evident in the area of Tuzla county. The Bosnien school system does not sufficiently emphasize the development of practical skills in young people so that they encounter problems while seeking employment. Through discussions with business entities in the Tuzla county area, we could hear that employers have problems finding quality staff and that they have to spend additional resources to train workers for the needs of their businesses. For this reason, our association decided to design a workshop that would cover basic tool handling.

The activities we undertook were the dismantling of electrical devices in order to get a sense of handling basic tools, then demonstrating the placement and handling of the electrical conductors, and finally the use of larger power tools. Younger participants had the opportunity to watch the work of the drill grinder as well as the welding machine, while participants in the older group also had the opportunity to try out some of the tools themselves. Workplace safety rules were also explained to help our participants learn some basic rules about handling power tools and the risks of working with them. One of the activities that particularly appealed to our participants and which is very important in the electro-profession is the use of electric soldering iron. Through all these activities, we hope that we have brought closer the practice that awaits almost everyone employed in the economy, regardless of qualifications, in order to be as competitive as possible within the labor market, with the help of the newly acquired knowledge and skills.