Production of home biodigester

Citizens Association Ekosol has successfully implemented the project of making a home biodigester. It is a small device that does not use any electrical or mechanical components and converts bio-waste from plants or animals and turns it into gas that can be used for food preparation and for heating purposes.

Biodigestor setup

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are a large numbers of smaller agricultural properties that generate waste. It is the practice in our country to compost, sell or simply dispose of this waste without exploiting the energy potential this raw material offers. During the decomposition of organic waste, heat and various gases are released, many of which are greenhouse gases, especially methane. This process cannot be prevented but can be utilized. For many years now, Asian countries have been producing, or rather extracting bio-gas used for the above purposes. The biogas extraction plants are called biodigesters. The biodigestor is essentially a sealed container that has the role of sealing the biomass so that oxygen cannot get into it. Under such conditions, microorganisms that would otherwise degrade that waste do not function and process is taken over by the so-called anaerobic organisms and the process of such degradation is called anaerobic digestion. Since there is no oxygen to oxidize the gases released, they remain reactive (flammable). These gases, since they are of the lowest density, are collected at the top of the mixture and can be piped further into the next process, which removes odors from the gas and stores it. With the biodigester we used, there is no gas compression, so there is no risk of explosion, though care must be taken that the gas is still flammable! As can be seen from the description, the device does not require any sophisticated expensive parts and anyone can make one. The end product of biodigesters is a natural fertilizer that can be used further.

Final touches

We donated the small device we made to a household in Lipnica where we hope it will successfully do the job!

As part of the project activities we also undertook a presentation of the biodigestor work principles to familiarize citizens with the basic of operation in the hope of encouraging individuals to produce their own biodigesters, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while saving additional resources by using the gas obtained from it.