Project: Fashion stylist

Project: ” Training and vocational training of young women for the profession of fashion stylist ”

Project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science

The project is implemented by: Citizen Association Ekosol

Project partner: JU Mixed secondary school in Tuzla

Association of Citizens Ekosol from Tuzla in cooperation with Public Mixed Secondary School from Tuzla implements the project “Training and professional training of young women for the profession of fashion stylist”

Project duration: September 29, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Target group: 10 young unemployed women

Expected number of beneficiaries:: Students, teachers and parents of Tuzla Mixed Secondary School, unemployed persons from the Employment Service of Tuzla county, citizens.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Developing the ability to find the best solutions through vocational training in young unemployed women with a profession of fashion stylist in order to facilitate integration in the labor market.
  • Acquiring knowledge of the proper and appropriate dress of the female population.
  • Developing the skills to choose the right clothes, creativity and aesthetic balance of the right color, makeup and hairstyle. ¬†
  • Acquiring knowledge about: techniques and skills of successful communication and customer relations, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, development of marketing and business plan, promotion on social networks and print and electronic media.

Performance indicators:

  1. Trained young unemployed women for the profession of fashion stylist.
  2. Acquired practical and theoretical knowledge for starting an independent business for young unemployed women.
  3. Mixed high school Tuzla promoted a new profession in vocational training and education of adult women.
  4. The Mixed high school Tuzla was promoted for elementary graduates as part of a presentation for enrollment in the 2019/20 school year

In cooperation with the Employment Service of Tuzla County we will select 10 participants for the workshops foreseen by the project, who will have the opportunity, through 6 practical workshops, to upgrade their knowledge acquired so far through regular education at this school and master the materials, colors, style technique (real colors, makeup, hairstyles ), dress customs, and thus gain the confidence to start an independent business.

Within the project activities, in addition to 6 practical workshops, at the very end of the implementation, a fashion show will be organized at which trainees, in collaboration with the Mixed high school teachers, will complete the styling for 10 graduates of models of dresses, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry and footwear. After the show, a Round Table will be held on the premises of the school with a theme on the possibilities of introducing a new profession – fashion stylist in the adult education segment Mixed high school , where all participants in the project will be invited, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Tuzla County, Employment Service of Tuzla county, Pedagogical institute of Tuzla county. Conclusions and recommendations from the Round Table will be sent to the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science of Tuzla county for deliberation.

At the end of the training, participants will receive a certificate for participation through 6 practical workshops,and a letter of recommendation for possible attendance and enrollment in non-formal adult education for the profession of fashion stylist if all the necessary conditions and management are created. in the education of part-time students.