WED – World Environment Day

This day, 05.06.2019, marks the World Environment Day. The tradition of commemorating this date was established in 1974. The UN General Assembly was held in Stockholm in 1972 to discuss the effects of human impact on the environment, because of the already existing problems, the United Nations declared this date as the World Environment Day.

This date should remind us of all the environmental problems man is facing today. We are witnessing increasingly volatile weather conditions, the problem of finding drinking water in numerous communities around the globe, and the health problems caused by air pollution. Bosnia and Herzegovina, although a relatively economically undeveloped country, still has problems with pollution of the environment, water and air. Unlike the developed western countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yet depleted its natural resources, but we as a community are not committed to preserving what we have yet lost. The UN organizes a world conference each year, attended by over 140 member countries, in various countries around the world. The goal is to encourage individuals to change behaviors that directly affect enviroment conservation and, ultimately, human health. This year’s theme of the conference is Air Pollution,and held in China, which aims to encourage individuals to contribute to improving air quality by making minor changes to their daily lives.

1986, planting of the “Tree of Peace” in New York