Workshop: Handmade Bracelets

During the 10.11.2019. a workshop on “Handmade Bracelets” was held by the Ekosol Citizens Association. The aim of the workshop was for children between the ages of 14 and 15 to feel the magic of thread and make different forms of bracelets with it. The workshop leader divided 12 girls into 3 groups where each group was tasked with making different forms of bracelets, using different techniques. Participants were shown all kinds of materials and what kind of bracelet it is intended for. All participants received their instructions on how to start the selected bracelet as well as video instructions throughout the design to master the basics as successfully as possible, and were given the opportunity to choose the colors they liked best. All of them showed how satisfied they were with themselves because they made something they could wear and show. The fun lasted throughout the workshop, and the praise for the bracelets and the pride of their work was abundant.