Workshop: Application of 3D printers

The last, sixth, workshop was held on 18.12.2019. with 12 students of KCC “St. Francis” Tuzla. This workshop, entitled “3D Printer Application,” was led by Haris Alicic. At the very beginning of the workshop, the students looked at a brief presentation related to 3D printing to get acquainted with the basic concepts and techniques. In the presentation, the students were explained the whole process of creating a 3D model from a computer CAD model to a finished physical object. In addition to the printing process, students were also introduced to most of the 3D printing methods in addition to the one used in this workshop. As the process of 3D printing is rather slow, before the beginning of the workshop, the creation of the largest model was initiated, which is actually an ornament with the name of the school, which should be donated to the same, all so that during the workshop the students could see what was actually happening and how the printer fabricates the model in real time, how fast it works, what filament to use, and how it warms up the layers to make up the complete 3D model in the end. The task of the students was to model key rings with their names or the initial of their name. Students were introduced to the Sketchup software tool with which they modeled their pendants. After a few instructions and explanations related to the software tool itself, the students quickly came to terms with their creative design and ideas to print. Some of the ideas were very creative, such as a common pendant for a friend, the logo of the favorite game, others modified the design beyond what was requested, which is exceptional given the age of the student. After the workshop was completed, the workshop leader further optimized the models so that they could be printed and put them into print. In addition to the student pendants, this school also received a nameplate, which was printed during the workshop itself, as a small token of attention by Ekosol, who may be in the technical office as an example of a 3D printed model for future generations.