Workshop: Decoupage on wood and ceramics

On the 25.10. 2019, the fourth workshop within the project “Practical Skills Development” was held at the premises of the Ekosol Citizens’ Association and was attended by nine students from the “Centar” Primary School. The workshop was moderated by Medina Bristric and the theme was “Decoupage on wood and ceramics”. After presenting and getting to know the students, the workshop leader presented the way of conducting the workshop. In the first part of the workshop, it was explained to the students that decoupage technique is actually a technique by which we can turn every object into our small work of art. They were also presented with materials (wooden objects and ceramic vessels) and accessories (decorative paper, napkins, scissors, glue, varnish) required for the workshop. After the introductory presentation part, the students started working and started making their first work decorated with decoupage technique. Everyone present followed the presenter’s advice carefully and made every effort to follow the steps to get the most beautiful and neat item possible. First, each student selected a napkin with motifs that they used to edit the object in the continuation of the workshop. After that, the first adhesive was applied and the glued parts of the napkin were glued. Each subsequent bonding was performed easier and very quickly each student had a finished object in front of them. The whole workshop went on with lots of laughs, fun and sharing ideas. Through this workshop, it was explained to students that decoupage techniques can be applied to various objects in everyday life, in order to stimulate their imagination, that is, to enable them to independently come from an idea to realization. This workshop was first of all about enjoying, socializing, exploring and creating unique objects that students can use or donate and proudly say that it is the work of their hands. At the very end of the workshop, the students completed a short survey to evaluate the workshop and then headed out to lunch at a nearby restaurant. What particularly pleased the students was the information that they would receive their items after they had dried and cured, thus showing their parents and friends what they had done.