Workshop: Fundamentals of Graphic Design

12/18/2019. In the premises of the Ekosol Citizens Association, Adis Avdibasic held a fifth workshop entitled “Fundamentals of Graphic Design”. The workshop was held with 13 students of KCC “St. Francis” Tuzla. The beginning of the workshop began with the introduction of the lecturer and his presentation on the activities at the workshop. The occasional presentation explains some of the basics related to a part of graphic design (program), where one could see the great interest of the workshop participants. After presenting the presentation, we moved on to the practical part where the students were divided into groups in front of each was a laptop with the program needed for the workshop. Tasks of what to create in that program (text with image, color text) and other were assigned. The attendees of the workshop were, as far as could be seen, very interested in creating this “small design” and the smile on their face disappeared when it was said that the workshop was over. They have met and learned the basic beginnings that are needed, so that they may decide to go for something more complex in this field.