Workshop: Woodworking

On the premises of UG Ekosol on 25.10. 2019. The third workshop “Woodworking” was held within the project “Development of practical skills” led by Nedim Hasanbegović. Nine students of the “Centar” Primary School attended this workshop. In the introductory part, students were given information about the characteristics of wood, its importance and significance in everyday life. The workshop leader also showed a model birdhouse he and his students made during the workshop. Students were introduced with the tools, which that are located in the premises of the Ekosol Citizens Association, which is used for woodworking (saws, circular saws, milling machines, drills, lathes, sanding machines …). After the introductory part, the students began to gradually build a cottage. They worked very hard to make their cottage look as beautiful as possible. Together with the workshop leader and members of the association they very carefully cut, drilled, sanded and finally painted the cottage. They have brought the bird houses to their school, where together with the schoolmaster they can place them in the school yard and are always happy to remember the process of making the house.