The Ekosol Citizens Association, in cooperation with the mountaineering association Konjuh, is implementing a project to report illegal landfills in the area of ​​Tuzla County. The sudden urbanization and industrialization in recent years has led to the creation of huge quantities of various types of municipal waste. The waste generated was mainly caused by human negligence, polluting our environment and posing a great danger to our survival. In Tuzla Canton, the problem of waste disposal has been expressed, since the existing landfills are unregulated, without accompanying facilities and protection measures, and as such represent a enviromental danger hotzone. We also had catastrophic floods in 2014 caused by river spills due to the unconscious disposal of waste into their beds. All this waste, upon its further decomposition, reaches the groundwater and then goes to wells, irrigation systems, water for supplying livestock farms, etc. through different routes. All this points there is a need for municipal solid waste to be addressed urgently, and from an environmental and economic point of view, the most acceptable way is to mobilize the local population for actions to clean up illegal landfills, small dumps, riverbeds and all other places that are uncleaned by any type of solid waste.


The aim of the project is to collect precise information on the locations and appearance of illegal landfills, which are unfortunately numerous in the area of Tuzla County. Based on the information collected, the causes of such landfills can be examined and, through certain activities, removed. An individual, if they see a solid waste landfill in his/her or any other area of othe county, can take a picture with a cellphone or appliance. Then further actions can be taken for the resolution of the problem by contacting the local comunity leader, where the landfill is located to work together further.


All citizens who know about the location of an illegal landfill that threatens their environment now have the opportunity to report it anonymously. All you have to do is send us a picture and location of the landfill via the Facebook massanger at the bottom right corner of the screen or directly to the Facebook page:

Link: Prijava ilegalnih deponija

After we receive the information, we will check the pictures to see if this location is already reported and if so we will add your pictures, if not then we will add it as a new location.